Thursday, May 2, 2013

Book Signings - Exciting Each Time

Book signings -- they're exciting, unpredictable, and can be nerve-racking.
I was about to write a blog post on how to prepare, what to do the day of the signing, and recommended follow-up.  But I did some quick Google searches and discovered this ground has been well-trodden.  A list of some of the better articles on this subject is included at the end of this post.
So instead, I’m using one of my upcoming signings as an example of what I do to prepare.  
  1. I posted the announcement (below) at the site of signing, Diana’s Bookstore, well in advance. I also displayed it at nearby libraries and retail stores that permitted advertising. 
  2. I scheduled the book signing the weekend of an annual wine festival, so I hope to get some traffic from the event.  
  3. Press releases announcing the signing and my new novel, MELTING SAND, planned for Fall 2013, have been provided to the two local newspapers.
  4. I posted an announcement on my web site as well as Diana's Bookstore page.
  5. I plan to give away a 150-page preview of MELTING SAND to the first 30 customers.  It’s a fairly pricy giveaway, but it’s my hope it will create more interest in the signing and generate sales of my two current novels, CORRUPT CONNECTION and BETTER LATE THAN EVER. 
  6.  I’ll show up with my bookmarkers, business cards, and a dozen extra copies of my novels, just in case the store sells out :)  I never bring more books and other supplies than will fit in an average size file box.  Space is usually  limited.
 I’ll give you an update on how it goes in a future post.   

Book Signing Articles:


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