Monday, May 20, 2013

Fight the Funk

Normally a 10-mile mountain view, the fog and rain has had us socked in for the past four days.  I'm beginning to understand how the residents of Seattle feel.  It begins to wear on you after the second or third day.  I can’t imagine 226 cloudy days a year -- the annual average for the 5th gloomiest city in the U.S.  Well, at least they have Microsoft.   With Gates’ money, he can hang fake suns in the atriums of his office buildings.
My wife and I are fortunate to have access to a gym and indoor pool nearby, so we typically work off our gloomy moods on days like this – she on the treadmill, taking long strides and pumping hand weights, and me swimming laps, thinking about a million things and loosing track of which lap I’m on.  The benefits of the workouts are two-fold.  We come back home feeling refreshed, and it also justifies (at least in our minds) consumption of wine and cheese at 5PM.
I don’t like being in a funk or depressed, regardless of the cause. It can permeate your entire day, your week, your life.  At one point, it came close to shutting me down completely. It’s taken me 60 years, but I’m learning how to “fight the funk.”  A little fog and rain is no big deal. 

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