Friday, May 24, 2013

MELTING SAND - Snippet 1

Attached is a snippet from MELTING SAND, the first in a series  of novels to be released in Fall 2013 about CIA agent, Miles Stevens, and his time travel adventures to alter  history.  You can see more by clicking on the tab MELTING SAND - The Preview.
From Chapter 1
-- A Miles Stevens Novel --
He struggled to remember where he was, where he’d been, why he was traveling.  Nothing was coming to him. Nothing.
He leaned back, his eyes closed, hoping he was just overly tired, or maybe he’d had too much to drink.  Surely, he just needed more time to get his bearings.  But time was not giving him the focus he struggled to find.
Another agonizing minute passed.
Glancing down at his left hand, he saw a simple, gold wedding band.  It brought no image of his wife, no memory of a wedding. Even something so personal was completely foreign.
He removed the ring and inspected it.  There was an inscription inside with initials and a date:

It meant nothing.
What the hell is going on?

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