Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oh, to be an artichoke plant

I've always thought that as we aged we should not only become more wise, but we should also become more attractive.  Unfortunately for the human race, our good looks and wisdom cross, headed in opposite directions, somewhere in our 40s. I haven't done a lot of research on this, but let me know the next time you find a wise 28-year-old.  And if you get a close-up of the Three Wise Men, you'll see they are all AARP eligible -- and they're not the most attractive trio in Jerusalem.

It seems if I had only been born as an artichoke plant, my wish to age beautifully would have been granted.  If you neglect this plant past its prime and fail to harvest its fruit, it morphs into a beautiful deep purple blossom.  It spends most of its life as an average-looking plant before reaching its peak, when it produces a pineapple-looking fruit that 'foodies' like to toss onto everything -- even pizza.  I'd like to propose we save our pizzas and instead enjoy the beautiful purple flowers.

I've just recently learned about the artichoke's ability to transform as it ages, which implies my wisdom is still in the process of evolving, and my looks have not yet completely eroded.  But alas, the end of the transformation is nearing for me.  There is no purple flower in my future, only grey hair, wrinkles, and the shift of my center of gravity toward my belt.  Oh, to be an artichoke plant.  

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