Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TIME TRAVEL - Can it be done?

In my next book, MELTING SAND, planned for Fall 2013 publication, the main characters, Miles Stevens and Terri King, are sent from the year 2050 back to 2027 to stop a chain of events leading to nuclear war in the Middle East.   Obviously, this is far-fetched fiction.  Or is it?
Ever since H.G. Wells wrote his famous 1895 novel, THE TIME MACHINE, time travel has been the subject of many authors and the fascination of countless readers.   Recently, in his novel 11/22/63, Stephen King sent Jake Epping back in time through a “rabbit hole” that Jake discovered at the rear of a Maine diner.  Jake’s mission was to intervene in the assassination of JFK.
Why all the fascination with time travel?  Maybe it's  because it’s implausible but not impossible. Fiction bordering on the possibility of reality expands the reader’s imagination and more easily draws them into the story.      
Check out this recent article by Paul Davies to learn more about the “real” possibilities of time travel. http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/13/opinion/opinion-time-travel-paul-davies  And please stay tuned to my blog at http://DRShoultz.blogspot.com for updates on my upcoming book, MELTING SAND.

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