Friday, August 16, 2013

Draft is Complete - The Work Begins

It's time to break out the Chardonnay.  I just finished the final chapter of Melting Sand - The Preview, the first book in a series featuring Miles Stevens, CIA agent, and his travels back in time to alter world events. By the way, I’m aware that Cab and a cigar is more in vogue, but I continue to be a tobacco free Chard writer.  

The draft is just over 90,000 words and 395 pages. Oddly, within a couple thousand words of where my first two novels ended. I’m pleased with the characters, story, and energy of the book, but now the real work begins, turning 395 pages of draft into a novel.  This is the tough part, but I hate spending months writing a novel and then having a reader start off a review telling me I changed tense twice in the same paragraph. Ugh!!!

The first chapter of Melting Sand can be seen on my blog at

Friday, August 9, 2013

Multiple Genres

I'm trying my hand at a YA paranormal novel-- UNINVITED VISIONS. It's the story of Robert Bates, a Belton, Illinois high school senior, who finds himself with powers of premonition and able to foresee tragic events.  As he struggles to disrupt these events, he discovers other Midwestern teenagers with similar powers.  They team up in an attempt to remove these visions of terror from their lives. The story takes place in the Midwest in  the late 1960s. 
I actually wrote UNINVITED VISIONS over a year ago and set it aside, but I've recently read it and think that I'll take some time after I finish my current project to brush it up and publish it. 
My first two novels, CORRUPT CONNECTION and BETTER LATE THAN EVER are adult fiction suspense novels, as is the novel I'm currently writing, MELTING SAND.  I struggled with the idea of writing across multiple genres.  After all, I'm an aspiring writer and still trying to find my identity and gain credibility in the highly competitive space of  fictional suspense novelists.
I've decided the best way to improve my writing is to write -- and then write some more.  As long as I focus on my intended audience, develop believable characters, and deliver a compelling story, it shouldn't matter what genre in which I chose to write.  What matters is delivering on the characters and the story and entertaining the target audience.

You can read the first chapter of Uninvited Visions on my blog at

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Bookends -- Our house is filled with them.  In the forms of duck heads, bears, sea shells, wooden blocks, candles, flower pots and bricks, they rest among the shelves and table tops supporting the books that we've read over the years.

 My favorite bookends are atop my writing desk and encase the novels I've written and continue to write.  Two are published, CORRUPT CONNECTION and BETTER LATE THAN EVER.  Two remain works in process, UNINVITED VISIONS and MELTING SAND.  Seeing them sitting between the duck heads in clear view gives me motivation to continue, knowing much has been accomplished and that much more remains.