Monday, September 16, 2013

In Sickness or in Health -- Really?

I just came through a tough cold. It was the typical mucousy, stuffy head, fever, cough 'till your chest explodes kinda cold. I'm rarely sick, so when I come upon one of these spells it reminds me that health is everyone's number one priority. Everything else is a distant second. 
      It also brings to light one of my largest faults. I am a TERRIBLE patient. When I'm sick, nothing satisfies me, and everything irritates me. My wife does the only thing any reasonable person can do. She retreats to the far end of the house leaving me to live or die on my own. When my coughing begins to subside, and she no longer hears me rustling around for meds and canned soup, she gradually returns to see if I've survived. She says, "I'm glad you're feeling better," as if nothing has happened, and life continues.
      Neither I nor my wife really played out in our minds the reality of what "in sickness or in health" really meant before we blurted out  "I do," but then if we had, the ceremony may not have reached "You may now kiss the bride."

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