Sunday, November 24, 2013

What's Next for Miles Stevens ?

In book one of the Miles Stevens series, MELTING SAND, Miles and his CIA partner, Terri King, are sent back in time from the year 2050 to stop geopolitical dominos from tumbling toward a 2027 nuclear war in the Middle East.  You’ll need to read MELTING SAND to find out how Miles and Terri fare in their mission.  I won’t give it away here, other than to assure you that Miles does return!
I’m now beginning the second book in the series, and I’m looking for reader feedback.  Specifically, what disaster should Miles be sent to stop next? 
The event challenging Miles in book two can occur any time before the year 2050, the year in which he and his CIA handlers are based.  It should be worthy of the involvement of Miles and the CIA’s newly formed Department of Historic Intervention (DHI).  Some ideas I’m considering include the following, all taking place in the year 2030:
1. A series of biochemical attacks of U.S. installations around the world -- The unknown perpetrators are randomly selecting sites and altering their delivery systems to keep the U.S. military and intelligence organizations on their heels, their ultimate target being Washington, D.C. 
2. A cyber-attack targeting military intelligence and financial I/T systems of the U.S. and its allies -- The impact from these attacks cripples U.S. defense systems and is rapidly bringing worldwide financial systems to a halt.
3. Orbiting satellites are tumbling to earth, crashing into major cities, killing thousands -- A newly formed terrorist group gains access to laser-guided technology capable of redirecting these satellites to targeted locations on earth.  The terrorists are ramping up their demands of the U.S. and its allies to stop their onslaught.   
So, there you have it.  You can vote for one of these three, or give me one of your ideas for the challenge Miles should face next.   
I look forward to reading your suggestions, and by commenting  below you're registered in this month's GIVEAWAY for a chance at a $20 Amazon gift card.  

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  1. I like all the ideas (but that will give us more books in the series, of course). Number two stands out more to me, though, since we're all more cyber-dependent than most of us would care to admit, or even recognize. I'm glad to hear Miles' next adventure is in the works!