Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Year to Focus

What the hell am I doing?
As I exited 2013, I found myself trying to maintain a productive presence on Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and my blog.  My blog alone involves writing and posting short stories, author interviews, book reviews, and regular blog updates (like this one).  And by the way, I was (and still am) in the middle of writing my next novel in the Miles Stevens Series and publishing a collection of my short stories.
What the hell am I doing?  Oh, I already asked that.  But really, what’s this all about?   The other day I spent nearly two hours updating the banners on my Facebook and Twitter pages.  I don’t think my banners were keeping me off the best seller list.  Although, I do think my profile photo may be impacting sales. 
Let’s face it, aspiring Indie authors have to do a lot of things to establish a presence and a following.  We just do.  But I’m beginning to think that doing a few things well is better than trying to be everywhere on the social media scene.
I want to focus my time on writing.  So, as I enter 2014, I’m looking for things NOT to do.  I cancelled my LinkedIn membership the other day.  It felt good.  I need to cut more things.  If you have ideas, I’d be interested in hearing them.  

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  1. Your post highlighted the problem of most indie authors, the dreaded spectre of anonymity. Keep the faith, my friend. You're doing fine.