Saturday, January 25, 2014

What's your social media persona?

What’s your social media persona?  I’m not sure what mine is.   I’m still trying to identify it.  Some days, I want to tell the world everything, using as many social media sites as possible: blogs, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, goodreads, LinkedIn, email, etc. Other days, I want to pull the plug on my social media accounts and focus only on writing my novels and short stories.
Based on my not-so-casual observations, it appears there are several approaches to take in establishing your social media presence.  I have assembled my observations below.  I don’t intend to imply one approach is any better than the next.  Whatever works for you is fine.  In fact, many of these describe me.  If you have others, please share.
The “Cut and Paster” - This person finds an Internet article or photo that supports their opinions, lifestyle, or business interests, they clip it out, add a line or two of their own thoughts, and then forwards it to the world. . .  I've done it a few times.  Maybe a few dozen times.
The “Mad Marketer” - Each day starts and ends by sending multiple tweets, emails, and posts to advertise their products or services. . . By the way, have you seen the reviews of my latest novel, MELTING SAND?
The “Phony Photog” – This person uses a picture of a cat, dog, female cleavage, male abs, Bugs Bunny, a 20-year-old snapshot, or whatever for their profile photo. I never know if they do this for anonymity or if this is the image they really want to portray. . .  I’m sorry, but that’s my real picture in the corner of my blog.  
The “Voyeur” - These people have Facebook pages with nothing posted and Twitter accounts but have never sent a tweet.  This is usually done by parents as a way to see what their kids are doing or by senior citizens just dipping their toe into social media. 
“Everyone’s Friend” There isn’t a page they won’t LIKE or a Follower they won’t follow back. . .  I have 8,000 Twitter followers and I’m following 7,600, so I guess this is me.
The “Vacationer” – This person only posts after returning from an exotic vacation or after attending a special event.  A beach, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, or Bon Jovi on stage is usually in the background. . .  You know who you are!   
The “Endless Salutationer” – They end every email, tweet, and post with:  You can find me on Facebook at…. goodreads at… my website at… Twitter at… Amazon at… my email at … and I’ll be at The Corner Bookstore signing my latest novel this Tuesday. . .  Every author does this, including me.
The “Know it All” – This person posts articles like this one, thinking they’re the only one capable of making these observations.  .  . Okay. I’m guilty.


  1. I think almost everyone falls into at least a few of those categories at any given time. The only ones who truly drive me crazy are those who ONLY post to self-promote and never utter a word that doesn't include "look at me!" in the middle somewhere. I want to get to know people, and when I do, you won't have to promote yourself because I'll already like you and want to promote you to others.

    OK, there's one more up there that drives me nuts: The Vacationer. Grrrrr...they're just trying to make the rest of us feel like slugs who can't afford to go anywhere exotic. It gives the impression that they live like that all the time if they never post anything other than the vacation stuff.

    [laughing] I guess I've created my own category: people who air their pet peeves on someone else's blog...

  2. Hi D.R.
    I think you've hit the nail on the head with the different types of personalities and habits.
    Lately, twitter seems to only be populated by "Mad Marketers".
    Agreed Lynda about The Vacationers #&$&%^!
    I comment on blogs a lot, but I only do the following when its germane to the thread. I did a blog post about social media called "The Blog, The Tweet, and The Facebook Page"