Friday, March 28, 2014

Excerpt #2 from CYBER ONE

- Chapter One -

HIS LAPTOP WAS POSITIONED in the center of the dining room table. Miles pulled the drapes shut, blocking the view to anyone behind his house.

Miles' blood was pumping. It was a nervous energy he hadn’t felt in months. He loved the challenge of a new mission.  It was like combining the strategy of chess with the endurance of a triathlon.

He craved a scotch, but a clear head was needed.  Dr. Jones didn’t waste words or time on these transmissions from the future, and Miles didn’t want to miss anything.

The CIA DHI logo appeared on the computer screen centered behind a large cherry desk.  The desk was flanked by U.S. flags, draping from their seven-foot poles.  A few seconds later, Dr. Jones stepped behind the desk, took a seat, and faced the camera.

His next mission was minutes away.

“Miles, I trust you’ve made progress with your assignments. The success of your mission will require both your physical stamina as well as your mental toughness.  It will also require a mix of advanced skills from a team that will be placed under your direction. I will come back to this team in a minute.
"Your mission is going to take you to the spring of 2032.”
Miles jotted the year on a pad of paper and circled it. The closer he was to 2050, the more he’d remember.

“In 2030, a special intelligence unit, Cyber One, was formed from representatives of the National Security Administration (NSA), U.S. Cyber Command (USCyberCom), and Department of Homeland Services (DHS).  This unit’s specific objective was to root out foreign threats to U.S. information systems and infrastructure before damage could be done to systems vital to our national security.

“Cyber One failed in its mission.  On the eighth day of May in 2032, a multi-pronged attack took down critical U.S. financial systems one weekend, and then on the following weekend, turned our largest cities dark by knocking out electrical grids."

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  1. Keep the excerpts coming! I miss Miles Stevens.