Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My 10 Signs of Spring

1.  The neighbor’s dog crap in your front yard is no longer visible on top of the snow.
2.  You’ve run out of holes on your belt.
3.  The pothole at the front of the subdivision consumed a Subaru this morning.
4.  After an outside tour of your house, you discover the spring projects from last year are still undone.
5.  You find a fertilizer bag in the garage and wonder if it’s too late to put down the Fall Weed-n-Feed.
6.  You optimistically clean off your golf clubs, completely forgetting how badly your game sucked last year.
7.  The professional football flags are taken down from front porches, except for a few annoying Seattle Seahawks fans.
8.   After looking in the mirror at your winter muffin top, you decide it’s a little early to store away your bulky sweaters.
9.   Putting on shorts for the first time, you discover “winter white” is really a leg color.
10.   Oh, yeah.  Robins.  


  1. Haha I love these! Every spring, the hubby and I go out and talk about what we need to do... sadly every year it seems as if we are repeating ourselves from the years before. P

    Oh, you also know it's spring when you go outside and well... the air smells of thawed poop. :>