Sunday, March 30, 2014

Social Media Control for Writers

Do any other writers need a parental control capability for social media to keep you from wasting away your day?  You know what I mean, something that would cut you off after you’ve spent more than 20 minutes on FB, Twitter, or Google+.   It’s not that I post that much, because I don’t, but I find myself spending way too much time perusing the posts of others.  It’s addictive.
My wife calls all of you my “imaginary friends.”  She’s right.  How could I be “real friends” with the 700 people who’ve LIKED my FB page or with 8,000 Twitter followers?  Still, I’ve come to readily recognize the profile pictures of a couple dozen people, even if some of you portray yourselves as animals or as caricatures of the protagonists in your books.  I enjoy the back and forth banter with those I’ve come to know.
I’m on these sites to learn from others, and admittedly, try to create awareness of my writing.  I’ve found the first reason to bear fruit.  It helps to see how others go about preparing, writing, and marketing their books.  As far as the second reason, I’ve found social media a poor marketing strategy.   It’s sort of like selling hot dogs at a ballgame where only hot dog salesmen are in attendance, and everyone is yelling “I’ll eat yours, if you’ll eat mine.”
Anyway, back to my original point.  I spend way too much time reading about what other hot dog salesmen, I mean writers, are doing each day.  I need to find a way to shut it down, or maybe use it as an incentive, allowing myself 5 minutes for every 500 words written. 
Time sure flies when I write these posts. It’s already time for lunch.  For some reason, brats and sauerkraut sound good.   

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