Friday, May 9, 2014

Blog Consistency -- Does it Matter?

The title of my blog is A Place for Readers & Writers, but not all of my posts are focused on writing.  In fact, they are dispersed among three areas: topics on writing, plugging my books, and what I’d call observations on life, most of which are self-deprecating posts about something that hits me that day.  

I know this isn’t the best mix to attract return visitors.   Rule #1 for bloggers is to be consistent, and Rule #2 is to avoid constantly selling something, but my problem (one of them) is I have multiple purposes for my blog.   

Clearly, my target audiences are readers and writersand I make every effort to have most of my posts focused on writing topics and to offer consistent content to encourage their return.  For nearly a year, I’ve posted a new, original short story at the start of every month.  Most of them will find their way into my collection, It Goes On. (Sorry, that was a plug.)  I also post book reviews, as well as occasional interviews with fellow authors.  One of my most-viewed pages contains references to articles on writing that I’ve found useful or interesting. I update this page frequently. 

When I plug my books, I try to do it so it doesn't come off as "in your face" selling.  I post snippets and chapters from my novels, discuss my characters, talk about my writing process, and provide updates on coming books.  I will occasionally run an "ad" to promote a book or upcoming event, but these are rare. 

My observations-on-life posts are probably the most out-of-place content I put on my blog.  For some reason, I can't help myself.  There is a humor columnist hiding deep inside me.  These ideas just hit me, and I feel compelled to share them.  Most are well received, while some fall flat.   I enjoy writing them, and they give readers insight to the person I am, so the posts will likely continue. 

I still feel comfortable calling my blog A Place for Readers & Writers.  In the future, I’ll try to soften my selling and control the wannabe humor columnist within me, but truth be known, I’d rather have a drink with Dave Barry than Ernest Hemingway--recognizing the odds of me tipping one back with Dave are only slightly higher.      


  1. Does it matter to me, not in the way you've framed it. My Blog, Flying Pages, is about the myriad aspects of the creative writing life. Occasionally, I'll deviate a tad (today's Post is an example), and take a path that has excited my wonderment. It's all good. I've read a few of your past Posts, and I'll continue. Be yourself in whatever you set to your blog. Readers will appreciate it.

    1. Donna, thanks for your feedback. I've added Flying Pages to my blogs to follow. Sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved dog. I, too, lost my pet of 13 years nearly a year ago. It's hard to adjust, but I think I'm about ready to seek a new companion. Take care.

    2. Here was my post from a year ago as I contemplated what my companion meant to me and the decision I had to make.

    3. Thanks for responding, and for adding FP to your blog list.
      I read Tough Decision. A fine homage to beautiful Deacon. Pets need us as much as we need them, so seeking a new companion sounds right. By the by, I like your choice of words with that.