Saturday, July 19, 2014

Can't name the Beatles? Are you kidding me?

The Beatles would normally have nothing to do with golf, but the British Open is being played at Royal Liverpool Golf Club this week.  That's right, Liverpool, as in the home of the Beatles.  So you'd think golfers from England, Scotland, Ireland, and even the U.S. would be aware of the legendary band's origin and that they would surely know the names of its four musicians.  That was not the case. Check out this YouTube video.

As pre-teen, I was glued to our black-and-white TV when John, Paul, Ringo, and George took the stage on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Years later, I remember buying the Abbey Road album, bringing it home, and anxiously loading the record onto the turntable.  I listened to the Beatles throughout the sixties, seventies, eighties... and I still do.  How could these golfers not know the members of the most famous rock band in history? 

The answer is in their youth and their priorities. The talented golfers in the YouTube video range in age from their mid-twenties to their thirties. Rory McIlroy, the one most likely to win the British Open this weekend, was born in 1989, nearly a decade after John Lennon's death.  It's possible not one of these young men has ever purchased a record album or owned a turntable.  They've spent much of their lives focused on golf.  While each could tell you that it was Jack Nicklaus who won The Masters in 1963, they'd never guess "I Want To Hold Your Hand" was released that same year.
In fairness, I probably couldn't name a single song or musician that any of these golfers has loaded on their iPods.  But, unlike Rory McIlroy, I am positive that George Lucas was never a Beatle!

Since this site is supposed to be a "Place for Readers & Writers," let me try to tie all this together and close with this --

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