Sunday, August 10, 2014

Time Travel – It’s Possible

In my new action adventure series, Miles Stevens is a time traveling CIA agent who works for the Department of Historic Intervention (DHI) in the year 2050.   The mission of the DHI is to alter tragic events that have occurred in recent history, with recent history defined as 2020 to 2050.   This time period was conveniently selected to give me the ability to conceive outrageous, yet plausible, disasters for Miles to confront.
In Melting Sand, Miles and his partner, Terri King, are sent back to alter events that have led to a devastating nuclear war in the Middle East in 2027.   In Cyber One, Miles and a new DHI team are sent to uncover those responsible for levying a paralyzing cyber-attack on U.S. financial systems and electrical grids in 2032.
Sound farfetched?  Well, maybe not.  Those far more knowledgeable than I am on the subject of time travel suggest it is indeed possible, and it’s the possibility, not the probability, that makes time travel intriguing.  Ever since H.G. Wells wrote his famous 1895 novel, The Time Machine, time travel has been the subject of many authors and the fascination of countless readers.   In his novel, 11/22/63, Stephen King sends Jake Epping back in time through a “rabbit hole” that Jake discovers at the rear of a Maine diner.  Jake’s mission is to intervene in the assassination of JFK.
One of the quandaries of time travel that makes it so captivating is something called the ‘grandfather paradox.’   This paradox asks if you traveled back in time and kept your grandparents from meeting, would you have been born?  More broadly asked, if you altered any prior event impacting your existence, would you continue to exist?  I handle this paradox by declaring that if my protagonists happen to alter events impacting their existence, it would lead to ‘devastating consequences.’  And what would constitute devastating consequences?  You’ll need to read my novels to find out.
One of the articles attached below states for macroscopic systems, time travel faces problematic paradoxes.  You and I aren’t likely to find time travel capsules at the local mall any time soon.  So, until we do, reading about time travel is our only outlet. I hope you check out my novels at
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