Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Blue Ridge Moment of Zen

On Thanksgiving morning, we woke to a fluffy four-inches of powder, turning the Blue Ridge scenery into a life-size snow globe and signaling that fall was officially over.

Armed with my iPhone, I took photos that a crew of professional photographers fully-armed with high-powered lens would be proud to post on their websites.

There's a path near where we live that we call the enchanted forest where we take our new black lab puppy on morning walks.  It's an alley of 50-foot tall pines that have shed their needles on the lower portion of their trunks, creating a shadowy, gnarly path that is normally a little spooky.  The snow, clinging to the lower arms of the trees and blanketing the floor of the forest, made the path appear more magical than scary.

It's early for snow in the North Carolina mountains, so this may be a sign of bigger (and deeper) things to come this season.  If future snows are as beautiful as this one, then bring them on.