Saturday, January 17, 2015

Meet Miles Stevens

Meet Miles Stevens, the lead character in MELTING SAND and CYBER ONE. 

A 37-year-old, time traveling, CIA counterintelligence agent working for the Department of Historic Intervention (DHI), Gerald Miles Stevens is just north of six-foot tall, with sandy brown hair, dark blue eyes, and a chiseled, athletic physique.  The DHI is a futuristic division of the CIA, formed in 2050, with a mission sending agents back in time to alter tragic events in history.  Miles and the DHI call Langley, Virginia home.  

Miles joined the DHI after graduating from Yale and serving one term as the youngest state senator ever to serve the state of Florida.  His decision to get out of politics was prompted by the loss of his wife and only child in a tragic auto accident.  Seeking an escape from his horrific present, traveling years into the past seemed a good option.  When the president tells him of the newly formed, classified department within the CIA, he immediately signs up.

In MELTING SAND, Miles’ DHI handler, Dr. Robert Jones, assigns Miles to one of the first time travel missions along with Dr. Terri King.  Miles isn’t a ladies’ man, but he recognizes a beautiful woman when he sees one.  He’s even more impressed when the beautiful woman is self-assured, intelligent, and slow to warm up to him.  Terri King is such a woman.   They become more than partners when they are sent back to 2028 to alter the complex course of events leading to a Middle East nuclear war.  

I won’t spoil how MELTING SAND ends, but will share that Miles remains committed to Terri, even as Dr. Jones sends him on his next mission in CYBER ONE.  Longing to be reunited with Terri, Miles is joined by a new team and is sent to 2020 to avert a devastating cyberattack launched by unknown international terrorists, targeting the electrical grids of major U.S. cities. 

In CYBER ONE, Miles continues as a confident, risk-taking, gun-toting, counterintelligence agent, but finds himself a duck out of water in the world of high-tech espionage.  As he focuses on conventional CI tactics to chase down suspects, his team of computer experts sort through binary fingerprints left by the terrorists to help guide his journey.  

Oh, yeah.  There’s also a mysterious, dark-haired, black-eyed female protagonist in CYBER ONE with her eyes on Miles.  All I can say is good luck to her.

I hope you check out the Miles Stevens series and get to know him better.    


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