Monday, July 6, 2015

Swing Thoughts

Golf is one of my vices.  It costs too much, it
takes too much time, and I stink at it.  Still, I play.

I watched the Golf Channel the other day and saw an instructor working with a high handicap golfer like myself.  He encouraged the golfer to develop a few swing thoughts that he could take from the range to the course.  I took the instructor's advice and came up with these:

1.       Address the ball with shoulders square and down the target line.
2.       Keep stance square or slightly closed.
3.       Position the ball slightly forward using long clubs, back with shorter irons.
4.       Don’t stand too close to the ball.
5.       Don’t reach for the ball.
6.       Arms should hang down, but not too close to your body.
7.       Keep the same spine angle throughout swing.
8.       Bring club straight back and down target line.
9.       Extend your arms, keeping your left arm straight.
10.   Don’t cup your right wrist at top of swing.
11.   Keep a firm but not tight grip with right hand on club.
12.   Think tempo… 1 up, 2 at top, 3 down.
13.   Drop the club down on the inside of your arc.
14.   Don’t cast the club.
15.   Avoid dipping your head.
16.   Don’t drop you right shoulder on the down swing.
17.   Keep your eyes on the ball through impact, don’t look up.
18.   Hit down on the ball at 2:00 o’clock.
19.   Don’t try to lift the ball, by scooping it at 5:00 o’clock.
20.   Focus on leaving a divot in front of ball.
21.   Keep head of club square at impact.
22.   Follow through down the target line.
23.   Keep your balance as you shift your weight to your front foot.

It now takes me about 45 seconds to hit the ball.  I frequently freeze in mid-swing and start over.   I’ve put the list on my iPhone and study it in the golf cart between shots.  I am getting better, but for some reason, it’s harder for me to find playing partners.    

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