Thursday, November 19, 2015

Finding an Old Friend

I found an old friend in my attic today.  Yep, right there behind the Christmas decorations.  My 1970's vintage Pioneer turntable had been tucked away since I'd retired to the mountains eight years ago.  He (Yes, I refer to it as he) was the best money could buy back then.  Not that I had much money in the 70's, but a quality sound system took priority over eating.     

Vinyl is making a comeback, at least for sentimental saps like me.  If you're willing to spend 3X what a CD costs, you can still get vinyl albums.  I had stored away dozens of my favorite 33s from years ago--The Eagles, Simon & Garfunkel, Jan & Dean, The Beach Boys, The Stones, Carole King, Santana, Earth Wind and Fire, and many more.  So, I can add to my vinyl collection when I have an extra 35 bucks to spend for an album that captures my attention. 

I couldn't wait to clear away a space for my old friend and fire him up.  After a few minutes figuring out the tangle of wires, I was ready to go.  When needle landed on Tapestry, memories flowed.  Music does that for most everyone, but when you hear these songs played on a turntable in the same perfect, yet not-too-perfect, sound that you first heard this music, you truly are taken back 40+ years.  The music takes you to your dorm room, or to your first car, or to a sofa at your girlfriend's house.  You've memorized each track on the album--and even now, you can sing the first few words before the record skips ahead. 

I think I'll keep my friend in a prominent spot next to my 21st century sound system.  In fact, I'll even display the faded album covers containing my well-protected 33s.  At my age, memories are a good thing.         

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