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A 37-year-old, time traveling CIA agent working for the Department of Historic Intervention (DHI), Gerald Miles Stevens is a confident, unassuming man just north of six-feet tall, with sandy brown hair, and a chiseled, athletic physique.  The DHI is a futuristic division of the CIA, formed in 2050, with a mission to send agents back in time to alter tragic events in history.  Miles and the DHI call Langley, Virginia home.

Miles joined the DHI after graduating from Yale and serving one term as the youngest senator ever elected in the state of Florida.  His decision to get out of politics was prompted by personal tragedy. Miles lost his wife and only child in an auto accident, and traveling years into the past seemed a good option for escape. When told of the newly-formed, classified department within the CIA, he immediately signed up.
Miles Stevens Novels are strong on suspense, action/adventure and investigative intrigue with elements of time travel and a hint of romance.  Time travel is used to set a stimulating stage, but does not dominate the story.  Each book in the series stands on its own. 


Years of unsuccessful nuclear arms negotiations in the Middle East had finally resulted in warring countries facing off with unthinkable destructive powers. Regional flare-ups had escalated and geopolitical dominoes had tumbled, finally leading to a horrific 48-hour interchange that erased cities and forever changed the region and the world.

The war was already in the history books when Miles Stevens and Terri King were sent 23 years into the past to relive a botched CIA mission -- a mission intended to prevent the 2027 Middle East War. They landed at O’Hare International Airport with no memory of who they were, who they left behind, or why they were there. Their memories were gradually restored by their CIA superiors as they orchestrate Miles and Terri's mission from their Pentagon offices in the year 2050.

Iranian subversives, acting alone, intent on fueling the war’s progress, had been alerted to the couple's arrival, putting them in danger the second they landed in Chicago. In the coming months, Miles and Terri faced the challenge of daily survival, the challenge of intercepting the events leading to the war, and the challenge of what to do with their growing love that was two decades before its time.


Coordinated cyberattacks were launched against the U.S. on May 8, 2020, destroying vast electrical grids of its largest cities, sending them into darkness and chaos.  In the weeks and months that followed, thousands of citizens perished, the American economy collapsed, and gang law ruled. The source of the attacks remained a mystery.

Miles Stevens, a time traveling CIA agent with the Department of Historic Intervention (DHI), ended his last mission stranded in 2028, never knowing if his partner, Terri King, made it safely home to 2050.  Before returning to learn Terri’s fate, Miles is given another DHI assignment--travel back to 2020, join the newly formed Cyber One counterterrorism team, and avert the May 8th cyberattacks. 

From Cyber One headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland, Miles and his team pursue the cyberterrorists to remote outposts in Russia and the Middle East.  With the May 8th deadline looming, Miles once again races against time to alter history.


It has been months since Miles Stevens, a time traveling CIA agent for the Department of Historic Intervention (DHI), has seen his former partner, Terri King. 

Upon returning from his most recent assignment, Miles learns Terri and her new partner, Dr. James Brock, have been transported from 2050 and their offices in Langley, Virginia to thwart a bioterrorist assault on the 2032 Olympic Games in Sydney.  A genetically altered chimera virus was used in the devastating September 1st attack, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths.  It was never determined who was responsible, but AQIA, a terrorist organization from North Africa, was suspected. 

Miles demands to join Terri and is transported to August 16, 2032. Terri is surprisingly cool to Miles’ return, having decided a life with a risk-taking CIA agent may be too stressful.  Not giving up on their relationship, Miles gives her time and space.

The strong-willed Brock, on his first time travel assignment, attempts to lead the investigation from Atlanta and win the support of Terri.  Miles has other plans.  He follows his instincts to investigate a reported smallpox outbreak near Moscow, where clues mount and peril rapidly surrounds him.  

Death, danger, and diversions lie ahead. Terri is torn between supporting Brock or following Miles to Moscow.  With time running out, the CIA trio will need to come together if they are to stop the historic September 1st attack.            

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